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                                                          Ecod Specialties(Wuhan) Co.,Ltd.
                                                          Ecod Specialties(Wuhan) Co.,Ltd.

                                                          Your current position>>About us

                                                          Ecod Specialties(Wuhan) Co.,Ltd. is a leading Benzoic ester plasticizer manufacturer in China,focusing on commercial production and custom manufacturing of Benzoic esters like DIPROPYLENE GLYCOL DIBENZOATE, DIETHYLENE GLYCOL DIBENZOATE and other kinds of esters.


                                                          Persisting in the value of “Keep promise and make our customer successful”,we have been improving product quality and formulation to offer better solutions for customers.Currently Ecod Specialties(Wuhan) Co.,Ltd. is the the sole actual producer of quality DPGDB/DEGDB in China except a multinational’s JV.In terms of quality,we are even better than those counterpart products from some famous brands on global market.


                                                          In Oct.,2013,Ecod Specialties signed a JV agreement with VELSICOL CHEMICAL LLC( a renowned player on global benzoic esters market for more than 30 years) and Velsicol becomes a foreign investor and partner of the company.Both parties will team up with each other on equity investment,R&D and global market development,etc..


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